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CrossFit workouts you can do anywhere


CrossFit workouts you can do anywhere


It’s that time of year again, you know the time when people start slacking on their health and fitness goals, and saying things like “in January I’m going to get back on track….” We get it, December schedules are packed full for most of us. But if we are being honest, so is the rest of the calendar year. Although it is more acceptable to slack on fitness goals during the last part of the year, I am going to bet that most people who quit during December also quit in February only one short month after getting “back on the wagon”. They quit again for the same reasons as they quit in December, and they are valid reasons; budgets, kids schedules, lack of motivation, work conflicts, not seeing results, not knowing what to do at the gym, boredom with the same routine, and no accountability. Then around spring time when the weather starts to break and shorts start coming out, we’ll see another cycle of starting a fitness routine, getting back on the wagon only to fall off again in few short months when summer hits. Most people will repeat that cycle until they end up in December again, same situation different year. Year after year. If that sounds familiar and you are sick and tired of starting and stopping, let me propose a solution.


Start now. Yes right now in the crazy of December. Start. If you can find a way to make it work in December, you can find a way to make it work throughout the whole year. This is the secret and the only way off the crazy cycle of starting and stopping. Create a new habit that fits in your lifestyle. Which is why for so long I have been a supporter of Crossfit, it’s the most time efficient total body workout you can do for weight loss, strength and endurance. It gives you the most results for your time and effort. Yes Ideally you should find a gym in your area, get great coaching, get good programming and emerge yourself in the community for accountability. But I also understand for a lot of people the membership cost, commute time,  the 1 hour class time and the intimidation factor of a CrossFit gym can be a very real barrier of entry.


This is why we created FIT4ME. We wanted to bring what we have fallen in love with about Crossfit to people that might not have the access, time, money or courage yet to walk into a Crossfit Gym. In our program you will get 5 new Crossfit workouts per week (all can be done in under 30mins), access to professional coaches and an online community group with other members like you for accountability, coaching notes on desired workout stimulus and daily demo videos with in depth movement instruction. We take all the guesswork out of what to do and how to get results, you won’t get bored because the workouts are new every single weekday, you can do them anywhere anytime with very minimal equipment and you won’t break the bank because our membership is $1 per workout or $.50 per workout as an add on to an existing membership.


Even better starting now until January 31st, 2019 you can get started for $1 for your first month. No excuses, no gimmicks, just results. Double dog dare you to be a rebel and start now.