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Friday, September 29th 2017


Friday, September 29th 2017


Got Goals?

Have you ever set a goal and fell short of achieving it? A goal that you thought was so attainable that you went and told everyone you knew. Then low and behold the universe conspired against you and pulled the rug out from under you. I am sure that has happened to at least 90% of the population the other 10% are in denial. It can be hard to come back after you fall short. Most people don’t even try to make another goal because they carry that miss like a yoak of shame. Learning to shrug off that miss is the key to moving closer to your ultimate goal or purpose. Maybe the goal you set was to low or maybe there is something better in store for you. If you stop setting goals then you ultimately stop growing.

Doing life without goals is like flying on a plane without a destination. Do yourself a favor set some goals, big ones, little ones, and completely insane ones. Nobody is going to do it for you…

Your WOD for Friday, September 29th 2017 is:

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