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How to Join

Step 1
Take some time and read our website thoroughly. Look at the posts, pictures, videos and articles. If you like what you see, then move on to step 2.
Step 2
Schedule a “No Sweat Intro” There is no obligation to join when you set up your intro session. We will find out more about you, you will find out more about us. We will go over a couple of things to assess your current fitness level and figure out what it is going to take to get you where you want to go. We want to get to know you and your fitness goals, and then together we’ll decide what the best way to get started will be –Group Classes , Personal Training, Nutrition coaching or a combination. The good news is that we have a variety of programs available for whatever your needs may be. If you choose to go on to the next step, then take a look at the next step.
Step 3
The final step is to select a membership and to begin coming to classes regularly. The key to your success is consistency and a decision to embrace this journey. Make your training a habit and fitness your ultimate priority.

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