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How to Know the Right Time to Start


How to Know the Right Time to Start


Waiting for the perfect time will never come. I was recently asked what made me open Unbroken Athletic?… It is a great question.  Why do people start businesses? In its basic form its a desire to provide a service that they are passionate about but deep down I think it’s a burning not to die with regrets. I felt like founding Unbroken was important because I was not okay with being ordinary. My initial thought may have been selfish but it turned into something more than just surface level. My tombstone scares me but not in the sense that you may be thinking. I like to think that I have a pretty good grasp on death. I know  it’s (not to seem to morbid) coming for all of us. If you listened to any of our podcast I’ve mentioned that I don’t want to die one day and have it read “ Here lies Jeremie, just an average guy still waiting to follow his dreams.” That statement scares me more than death. If I sat around and waited for the perfect time so many of the good things we’ve been able to do would have never came to be. We get so caught up in the negative things that we are afraid to act. Frozen by things that haven’t even happened yet.

Are you going to fail?
Maybe or maybe you’ll be the next Jeff Bezos (The Amazon guy)

Are you going to go thousands of dollars in debit?
It’s possible but so is getting into a car accident.

Are people going to make fun of you?
Yes, so get over it…your fans are worth it.

We don’t all have to start businesses this can also be applied to competition or relationship goals. I have never met an athlete that got to where they are by dabbling. Also I’ve never met a happy couple that just randomly showed up to a church one day and got married. A decision was made, a for better or worse decision was internally made to go after a dream.  So win or lose you have to be in love with the outcome and embrace the process. The only failure you have to accept is the one you didn’t pursue. Just because you avoided it and fear convinced you otherwise, it was a God given dream, gift or talent that failed to make it out into the light.

Be different, normal is boring.

Coach J –