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How to Lose Belly Fat Fast


How to Lose Belly Fat Fast

OH EM GEE!! You guys! I just found the most incredible products! Lost 10lbs in my first 3 days and I didn’t have to change anything about my diet or lifestyle! 

 …just kidding I took these pictures 30 seconds apart. I took them so you could see how easy it is to show exactly what you want people to see. Every fitness model knows this too. So cut the crap and stop comparing your unfiltered body to the perfect lighted, posed and filtered ones you see on social media. (usually to get you to buy something by making you feel bad about yourself) I promised I would never show skin on the internet for likes but I’ll show my rolls all day long. I LOVE this body. Love it! Rolls and all! It carried and birthed my babies, ran a 1/2 marathon, lifted a ton of heavy weights, competed in a state championship diving competition, completed a few triathlons, allows me to wake up to do what I love everyday, traveled around the world and all of this with 9toes!! Seriously! How amazing! ❤️

So no I don’t have a secret weight loss product, I partner with a wellness company to help people get healthy, I own a gym to help people get fit and do nutrition coaching to help people understand how to eat for their goals. And truly if someone tells you it will be “easy” or you won’t have to change your lifestyle or you can lose more than .5lb-2lbs a week without gaining it back…you should run fast.

You know what works? LOVE yourself first. Stop focusing on how other people look better and start focusing on how incredible your body is right now. If you start believing it’s healthy, strong and valuable you’ll start treating it that way. I can tell you, if you don’t love your body now, you won’t love it when you hit that magic number on the scale. Yes go for your weight loss goals, crush some fitness goals and get healthy but do it for you because you are worth it. Not because you want to look like some stranger on social media. ❤️✌️

Coach Shanna