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If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It.


If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It.

Which is why most don’t. What I wish I would have known 10 years ago when I set out on this journey to achieve my dreams, is that it was going to take a lot longer and the battle to keep going forward daily past my comfort zone will get harder as I travel. I wish I would have known my dream wasn’t just one giant mountain, but a mountain range full of them that went on for miles and miles. The truth about achieving your dreams is you don’t climb to the top once and chill, you have to do it over and over and over again. Yes there will be exciting high victories, but there will also be very comfortable spots to settle and long exhausting valleys along the way. While it’s fun to be celebrating up at the mountain top, nothing grows up there, nothing.

At some point you have to choose to get off the comfort of your past achievements, a.k.a the mountain top, so you can get to the next one or you will miss what’s waiting for you. You have to choose to walk back into another valley so you can grow and breakthrough. Most people choose to stay. I get it. It’s painful. It’s uncomfortable. It’s not fun. I’ve stayed on many mountain tops longer than I should, thinking “this is a nice place, I’ve done so much already, I could stop, I should be proud, all my friends are here, maybe this is as far as I was meant to go…” But I know that’s not the truth because I’ve seen a bigger vision for my life.

I promised myself I wouldn’t quit or retreat back to comfort. I won’t settle ever. The coolest part is the higher the mountains get, the further I can see. My vision grows every time I crawl out of a valley as a different person. I’ve never once regretted getting off one mountain to get to the next one…although in the valley I’ve thought it. It’s always worth it when you get to the top of the next one. To all my friends out there chasing your dreams, I hope you never quit hiking towards the next mountain top. It’s going to be a fight, but it’s going to be worth it. And since everyone won’t do it, decide to be the one who will. ❤️

-Coach Shanna