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Let It Go


Let It Go


Let it Go!

For real y’all if you are going to accomplish anything great, you gotta learn to let it go. Like Elsa cutting out her past and building a monster ice castle in the woods, as she sings about not letting it hold her back anymore. You have to draw a line in the concrete and decide you won’t let it hold you back either. What am I talking about that’s holding you back? Your past. Not just the past failures that you are thinking about right now, your past successes too. Sometimes past successes can hold you back as much as failures. Have you ever met someone that only talks about the “good ole days” while chugging beers at the bar as their life crumbles around them? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Let’s go over some examples for athletes; round one you mess up the count or finish way under what you think you should have, do you keep pushing regardless or do you hold back and just survive the workout? OR the flip side, you crush round one and then get sloppy or slow down because you are going to beat everyone else in the workout? BOTH situations hold you back from being the best version of yourself in that moment. How about this one, you fall off the wagon on your eating, do you keep on going all week and the rest of the month with bad food choices or do you stop and restart at the next meal? OR if you ate clean that whole week do you reward yourself with a massive cheat meal because you “earned” it. Observe the greats in anything.. Basketball – the players that are killing it don’t let past shots, good or bad stop them from playing their best. Football – snap to snap they play all in regardless of what happened last down. Crossfit – WOD to WOD, rep to rep, doesn’t matter what happened only matters what they are doing NOW. Listen, life is meant to be lived forward and built upon the lessons learned from the past. NOT lived in the past. That’s gone and it’s not changing. You are not meant to keep repeating the same cycle, so stop. Learn, let it go and MOVE forward. Since we started with Disney, let’s end there. You know that scene where Rafiki hits Simba in the head with his walking stick and says “Oh, yes, the Past can hurt. But the way I see it you can either run from it or learn from it.” It’s a new moment friends, let go of what happened and move forward.

– Coach Shanna