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My Weight Loss Is Slow & I’m Discouraged


My Weight Loss Is Slow & I’m Discouraged

Was feeling a little down when I stepped on the scale for my weigh in today….EVEN THOUGH I KNOW 0.5 lbs a week is perfectly on target for my goals, 0.5 pounds a week feels slow for all the hard work I’m putting in. You’ve probably felt like this too if you’re on a weight loss journey. I will admit, in the past this would derail me and send me into a downward spiral of drinking and eating whatever I wanted for a few days because “what’s the point?”

🛑❌‼️ STOP it!!🛑❌

This is where most people (me included) sabotage all their progress. The biggest obstacle on your weight loss journey is your mindset. Not how slow the scale drops, but how you react to it and the lack of consistency that follows a check in that’s not what you expected. You must fix this first. 
Here’s a tool for you…. in the picture below I’m holding a pound of body fat.

If you make it into my gym, I’ll let you hold it too. When you hold it in your hands, you instantly realize losing 0.5 pounds of body fat in a week is a huge success and you should be celebrating!