Success Stories



We are a structured, committed, and professionally run facility that has everything you need to train hard and nothing more that would distract you from realizing that the combination of hard work, dedication, and community is the only pathway to achievement.


"I have officially dropped 55 pounds!"

Kyle C.

I was reaching my mid thirties and was terribly overweight and out of shape. I kept a poor diet and rarely worked out. My biggest motivation though was my kids. It finally hit me that if I want to be a big part of their lives today and in the future I needed to get serious about my health. The last time I touched a barbell was in high school. In the back of my head I was worried if I could do it at all or if I would hurt myself in the process. However, the coaches were there to guide me through the process!  I have officially dropped 55 pounds! I'm excited to see my endurance improvement with WODs but still have a long way to go. 


"I have been able to gain around 7lbs of lean muscle..."

Vince M.

The left photo was the first day I had ever stepped foot in Unbroken Athletic, on May 26th, 2018. It was the Saturday before Memorial Day and I was invited by a friend to join him at Unbroken Athletic to complete the workout “Murph”. As you can see, I wasn’t “unhealthy” by any means, but I definitely wasn’t matching my eating habits to my goals. I’ve always been a skinny guy trying to put on muscle and gain strength. However, I was never really taught how much food I truly needed to eat, to not only gain muscle and strength, but to also perform at my best ability as an athlete.

The right photo was me on March 1, 2019 during The CrossFit Open’s 19.2 workout. There is a noticeable difference in not only appearance in the photo, but also performance in my results that night. Since joining the nutrition program at Unbroken, I have been able to gain around 7lbs of lean muscle, while performing at a level that I don’t think I’ve ever been able to perform at before!

I cannot wait to continue tweaking my nutrition and gaining more muscle/watching my performances continue to increase as a result of Unbroken Nutrition’s Program!


"...I liked it and I stuck with it."

Brian V.

January 2nd 2017 vs today, December 31. Thankful for the coaches at Unbroken Athletic and the community that surrounds it. My Fit wife told fat me at 11pm on January 6th that we were trying CrossFit in the morning and I was so mad, but somehow I liked it and I stuck with it


"She looks healthy and she did it in a healthy way."

Momma J.

Testimony from her Mom: “Amerie has been attending Unbroken for about a year now. So much has changed with her… her work-outs, her programming, her nutrition, her goals and her over-all well being. She’s more positive in life, manages her time better and more supportive of others. I know she’s been working on gaining weight. I’m not sure if she’s told you this…. but in 1 year, she’s gone from 85 lbs to roughly 105!! She looks healthy and she did it in a healthy way. ”


"I’m turning 40 in couple years looking forward to be the best shape in my life!"

Yue B.

I’ve always been active. From playing tennis, volleyball, and snowboarding, plus extra conditioning classes at the gym and at work. I kept telling myself that I looked pretty good for a mother of  two, but I wasn’t happy plus I felt tired or beat every night. I felt like I did everything I could until about a year ago I decided to make a change that included completely changing my nutrition and workout routine. I started following the Unbroken Nutrition program and CrossFit. I felt amazing and I was able to breakthrough a physical barrier to a place that I couldn’t reach before. I didn’t have a big weight change, but I feel better, I have more energy and being faster on the tennis courts definitely helps! I’m turning 40 in couple years looking forward to be the best shape in my life!


"I feel and look better than I did in my 20’s!"

Hollie F.

The left is a photo from about 8 months ago right before I started working with Unbroken for nutrition. I was in shape, working out and clean eating but not eating the right amount of food or at the right times. With my coaches guidance the picture on the right is current with the ability to reduce inches in my waist and hips while increasing my food intake the proper way to fuel my body and workouts. I have gained more strength in the last few months than I was able to in the past making me perform at a higher level in the gym. Looking forward to pushing the nutrition envelope with Unbroken nutrition program to see what else I can achieve! Turning 40 in a few months I feel and look better than I did in my 20’s!


"I’ve almost lost 35 pounds since starting..."

Alex G.

Prior to starting the Unbroken Nutrition program I was eating pretty clean, supplementing and doing CrossFit 5 days a week. I thought I was on the right track but after starting this plan and learning exactly how much to eat at each meal, I realized I wasn’t hungry between meals, I was performing better during workouts, and my recovery improved tremendously!! My energy is up and I am sleeping better at night to where I wake up feeling refreshed. 

I am feeling overwhelmingly happy with what I was able to accomplish in  12 weeks. I’ve almost lost 35 pounds since starting the Unbroken Athletic nutrition program. This program has completely changed my life and I’m so excited to see where I go from here with it!


26 lbs gone and I think I kicked coffee!

Angela F.