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Testing the core


Testing the core

Today we will be testing your mid range endurance capabilities.  After your warmup, you will get:

3 chances to record your fastest 200m row time.  *resting 3-5 minutes between sprints*

Then, the WOD……..

“Gymnastic circuit”

For this WOD, you will rotate through 5 stations, spending 30 seconds at each station.  You will complete 3 rounds, resting 1 minute b/w rounds.

RX Stations

1) Handstand hold  2) Pullups  3) Dips  4) Hollow Rocks  5) L-Hold

RX+ Stations

1) Handstand pushups  2) Dead-hang L-pullups  3) Ring dips  4) Toes to bar  5) L-sit