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The Grind a Darkroast story


The Grind a Darkroast story

You ever have those thoughts pop up and dismiss them like a telemarketer trying to get you to buy a magazine subscription? Well this is one of those things, except I didn’t dismiss it, I made the mistake of saying “yeah I’ve got time to talk, go on”…

This could be stupidest things I’ve done, well there was that one time I thought it would be fun to… wait that’s not important. What is important is how many of these “stupid” ideas go unexplored because we fear what people will say or worse we over analyze the outcome like we are some kind of physic. I know absolutely jack about coffee, other than its a bean (or a nut) its roasted, ground, brewed into a cup and might contain some magical properties. Fair trade, locally sourced, blended, dark, light, blond, Sasquatch, I have no flipping idea what that all means. None of that matters because I found a guy and he knows a hell of a lot more than I do. I tell him what I want, how I want it to taste and he delivers.

What matters more than the coffee snob destroying my blend, is that I had an idea and ran with it. I didn’t hesitate, I didn’t sleep on it, and I didn’t weigh the pros and cons. This coffee thing felt right and to be honest it sounded pretty cool. Is Unbroken Blends going to be a huge success… who cares. To be honest I didn’t do it for you (you can unfriend me if you want) I did it for me, for my legacy, and for my small but widening foothold in this planet.

Look you can drink my coffee (and you should. It’s pretty damn good, my guy knows his beans) and every time you drink it think of my face and say “If that MF’er can make this happen, I can do damn near anything.”  Or you can make fun for it, laugh at my idea and drink tea.
Either way I am having fun what’s your excuse?