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Unbroken Youth


Unbroken Youth

Unbroken Summer Sessions for Kids and Teens are open for registration! Space is very limited.

This class introduces teens to the correct foundation movements and will begin teaching some different lifts, starting with a PVC bar and moving up in weight slowly based on how well they perform the movement. We have several different levels of athlete in the teens class and we will scale their workouts accordingly to help teach them the proper movement and also prevent injury.

Our goal for kids and teens is not to create the best CrossFit athlete. We want to use CrossFit to help get (or keep) the kids/teens conditioned to help them excel at the other activities they might participate in through recreational, travel teams or school. We encourage our kids and teens to try new things and have fun!

This Session is for teens going into 7th grade – 12th grade.

Runs June 17-21st , 7pm-8pm

Unbroken Athletic will be hosting Kids Summer Camp with the goal of forging broad, general and inclusive fitness knowledge at an early age. Our Camp is exciting, fun, full of challenges and surprises each and every day. The kids have a blast. Each day will be an adventure. Kids will explore different physical activities that will test their coordination, improve their balance, increase their endurance and show them fitness is fun! Unbroken Athletic Summer Camp will awaken your child’s love for exercise, enhance their cognitive skills and promote working in teams. Your child will learn different skills from different sports and learn about nutrition through interactive activities.

This time is for kids going into 1st grade to 6th grade. 

Runs June 17-21st , 10:30-11:30am