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Wednesday, November 8th 2017


Wednesday, November 8th 2017


AJ -Burpee over bar

Just a little everyday

Your level of intensity can be completely different from the  guy next to you. Knowing your limit can sometimes get in the way of how you can actually perform, if you never push the limits. You need make it a habit push them just to see how far you can actually go. Make it a goal to go a little beyond your perceived level of intensity everyday and I guarantee you’ll surprise yourself.

Your WOD for Wednesday November 8th:

Warm up:

3 Rounds:
15 Light overhead Lunges
10 Light Snatch Balance
5 Light BHN snatch grip sotts press


3 rounds
8 deadlifts 225/145
16 Toes to bar
3 Rounds
6 hang power Snatch 135/95
3 Bar Muscle ups


3 x 3min Amrap
20/15 cal Bike
ME air squats with remaining time
2:00min rest