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Wednesday, September 27th 2017


Wednesday, September 27th 2017

How do you Compare?

The thief of all your joy is… When you continually compare yourself to others. We all will, at some point, get into a comparison match with others around us. It is a common pitfall that occurs when you are in a competitive environment. The trick is not getting caught up in how fast someone achieves something you have been struggling with. If you continue to compare you will build animosity and not comradery with your fellow CrossFitters. Now I am not saying that you should sit back and ‘hope’ one day you will break though without trying. Only commitment to a process, plan and unwavering work ethic will help you achieve the movement you wish to master.

If you cannot help but to continually compare yourself, try thinking of those less fortunate than you. Think of those that have a disability that limits them from even walking. Chances are they would love to be in your shoes. Focus instead on the things you do well and if the sky gives you crap bag it up and sell it as fertilizer.

Your WOD for Wednesday, September 27th 2017 is:

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