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You’re Right, CrossFit Is Expensive.


You’re Right, CrossFit Is Expensive.

People say we cost too much.

When I started CrossFit I thought the same thing. I couldn’t understand the the cost associated with this type of fitness. So I did the math like any normal person would:

If my membership is X and there are Y amount of days in the month that I can attend that = cost per class.

The math showed it cost less than my wife was paying for yoga. That gave me peace of mind thinking that I was getting a “deal”.

Then I became a Gym owner and I finally understood (After almost 10 years of coaching) that what you pay for is nothing compared the mark it leaves on your life. Now I often think I don’t charge enough. I don’t say that to inflate my ego, the fact is that there is no way to put a price tag on what we do.

What we do is beyond the count of 3…2…1…GO and far beyond when our coaches call TIME! When the last bar has clanged for the day, and the thump of the music is gone. Its after the lights are off, the garage doors are down and the doors are locked. That is when our true purpose shines. You cannot find it in a PR post to FB and IG or a random handstand in public place. You find it in real conversations like:

“I had the best sleep of my life”
“I’ve never been able to do that!”
“I weigh less now than I did in high school”
“I have more confidence to stand up for myself and what I deserve”
“I’ve got myself back”

Some of you still may be thinking that I charge to much but I don’t charge for access. If I only charged you for that I would agree that I cost too much.  In my experience most people are way too quick to form an opinion on what I do. Maybe it is because you seen something on TV or that one of your good IG buddies took pictures of their torn up hands. You fear what might happen and quickly label it bad before diving in to experience it first hand.  That’s why we meet with you before you even try a class. Despite what you may have heard, we are people like you, were not in a cult, we don’t sacrifice animals, we don’t eat raw meat and live in caves. We all just demand more out of life and will never be OK with being average.

Is there a chance you could rip your hands…yes. They will heal but the experience you gain from pushing your limits is why cost should never be the issue.